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Angel Without Wings…

The sky was crimson red, with milky white clouds sprawling in every direction. The fiery sun was about to set. I checked my watch which said 5.30. I was getting late for our New Year’s Eve dinner. I pictured my Girl sitting alone and staring at the scrumptious candlelit dishes in café. All hell would break lose, I thought.

The traffic was as bad as it could get. Cars were bumper to bumper. Motorcycles, the road’s deadlieskiller bees, swarmed all around my car, hitting bothmy side view mirrors. I jumped at the manner the riders glared at me, looking as if they were ready  to skin me Alive. A day before before New Year’s, and people still cursed.
The light turned green, making me heave a sigh of relief, until a man in old withered clotches slowly crossed the street. “Get out of the way!!” screamed one of the drivers. Cars, both big and small, roared and beeped at this foolish old man who tried to get onto the pavement. ‘What was he thinking?’ I watched, baffled at what was about to come.
The old man was a few steps to the pedestarian road, when a huge truck screeched to a stop. Just my luck, I was behind the monstrous pick-up. I was not surprised to see a hefty man in overall stomp out of his car that shook vehemently as if it reading to owner’s mind. The bang of his door jolted me out of my seat.

Rolling down my window, I heard clamorous screams and boisterous complaints filtering through the sound of rustling leaves and swooshing wind. There was a clap of thunder, and the next thing I knew, my right shoulder was soaking wet.
The man whom I presumed was a butcher pointed and barked to the old man like a master to a slave. The old mandid not shudder. Instead, he smiled. He must be crazy, I thought. Noticingno nuisance on the old man’s countenance, the butcher-looking man pushed him over to the side of the road, leaving him wounded. There came another clap of thunder. The truck zoomed off. Never taking my eyes off the old man, I parked my car close by.
My mother always told me I was the good Javenese of the family, and that when I saw anyone in trouble, I could not help but come to the rescue. What I was about to do proved that my mother’s words were true.
“I believe you need help. I’m sam” Smiling, I extended my hand out to his.

“Thank you, young boy” uttered the old man who was still stuck to the ground. The rain poured harder an I could barely see what surrounded me. My instincts told me to carry the old man to the car quickly.
“What time is it?” queried the old man, toweling his thin hair dry with a tissue.
“Oh shit!!! My Girl’s going to kill me!” I turned to him and cried, “It’s 6.40!”
“Why are you so afraid. Don’t worry” His words did not matter. Nabillah hated it when I was late. It had happened many times before. She had left me once because of the notion that I never spent time with her. I promised to changed and more available. I was about to break that promise, on New Year’s Eve.
“Where shall I drop you sir? Can I call you sir?” I glanced for his reaction while turning right on the road.
“You can call me sutanto” he replied, grinning wide giving me a location. “How long have you been courtship?”
“Nabillah and I have been courtship for 1 years now. I cant imagine life without her” I proudly declared, hoping to clear my conscience for not leaving drifting practice that day. “What about you?” I asked, trying to change the awkward situation.
There was a chuckle in his voice, yet it was warm and comforting. “I once was mesmerized by an angel – a beautiful angel who taught me how to laugh and cry, how to live and how to love”
“”Sounds like a match made in heaven. How did you meet?” I began to wonder, realizing this man did not have a home with the way he was clotched.

“We met during World War II. I was a soldier. I would not fire a gun , so they positioned me at the Generas’s pffice. My job was hand-deliver letters to exqiusite mansions and estates. She was a daughter of a powerful man. And so I met her”
“And?” I asked, feeling rather optimistic on getting to café on time as I craned to peek at the clear sky.
“And that was when I realized that there are angels among us, among people like you and me. It was not ger face that I adored. It was her reaction to everything. When someone was angry, she would give her brightest smile. When someone hungry, she would give her last loaf of bread. It’s too bad we never reached the altar”
“Why not?” I asked, sounding unnecessarily astonished.
“You see, her father never approved of us, of me, being a poor man”
I must admit that at the moment, I felt rather fortunate for being rich one. I cannot imagine having to go through life knowing my ife partner was richer than I was. I visualized myself second in a race, inevitably succumbing to Nabillah’s family’s every order. My brow furrowed at the thought of what had happened to this feeble old man, yet that did not stop me from going further.

“Did her father cast her out of the family? Was she publicy ostracized?”
“She won her father over by marrying another man. That ended everything”
His words trailed off in deepened despair.
‘So much for the angel!’ I thought.
Sutanto, upon noticing contempt on my face, revealed yet another shocking episode.
“I left her for her own good. I did not want to complicate her life even more, and so I just left without saying goodbye. But it served all of us good. Her father became a man of understanding, and forgiveness. He no longer looked down on poor people. He no longer believed that the rich, and the poor deserve the poor. You see, I left with my dignity, proving I was never after his money”
The man sitting next to me was in fact the weakthiest man I had ever known. I ruminated in silence all the way of how people drove their life and ended up where they were. There Sutanto sat, pondering upon the wherebouts of his love, in his torn clotches and secondhand shoes.
I wondered if she was rhe rasen oh his fate – an improverished citizen who lives on a day-to-day basis, not knowing for sure what happens next.

“Tell me where to turn” I broke the silence, bringing him back to reallity.
“Just here please” he gave me a warm smile and left the car saying thankyou. I watched him disappear down the narrow lane between two dilapidated buildings.
I started my car when I had a strange feeling that this man needed food. His image came to mind – a wrinkled face sucked in, revealing thin fresh and protruding bones.
I shivered, yet felt horribly guilty. I checked my watch. I was late anyway.
Reversing my car, I swerved into the lane where Sutanto was. I found him sitting under a plastic bag, next to flaming can. I contained my feeling of shock and surprise. “Sutatnto!! Why don’t come have a dinner with us?”
Wide-eyed, Sutanto beamed with eyes twinkling like a pair of diamonds. “You are good man, sam”
He laughed in the car, talking about whathad happened that afternoon. Sutanto gave a pretty good imitation of butcher-like fellow. The next thing I knew, I was parking my car on parklot. My heartbeat at the very moment was louder than the engine.

With folded arms and tapping foot, my girl gawked at me like a hawk, never blinking. I gulped at the sight and mustured courage. I had forgotten abou the guest with me.
“Nabillah! Sweetheart!” I giggled, pecking her flushed cheeck. Nabillah did not look at me, instead, she was gaping at the man standing behind me, waiting for the an introduction. I forgot about the homeless man.
“Sutanto, can I talked to you for a second?” Nabillah pulled me out of the café. “What I that? Or – or is who that? Are you crazy taking here a man from the streets? He could be a serial killer!”
“Relax” I cried, “He’s friend of mine. He’s a good person with lots of funny stories. You should listen to him” There was momentary pause.

“Do you hear that?” my girl cried. “What is that…”
My girl and I followed the sound of the whistle to the café where we found Sutanto at the top of café’s chrismast tree. He sang a song without words, music never heard of before, yet some what heavenly. Looking right at the top, I found a decorative angel, and what was captivating about it was that its eyes were glittering, like a pair of diamonds.
“Thank you for this gift” Nabillah held my hand in silence, and shed a tear of joy.
I felt for the first time, unconditional love deep within my heart.
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